Bring Your Own Device

Why Bring Your Own Device?

Encouraging personally owned devices can, overnight, result in unprecedented levels of access to technology in the classroom.

The reality is that many students have devices that are more current, powerful and flexible than those currently offered to them 
in their schools.

There can be immediate traction even when not all students and their parents opt into the BYOD model. In such cases, teachers can leverage the technologies that are available in class by organizing student work in teams that require a single device.

Teachers can then embed innovative uses of technology in lesson designs and homework, confident that students will have access. When a device is required for each student, school authorities typically have school-owned devices for check out by those students who do not own a device.

The increased number of devices enables schools to increase opportunities for students to: 
• Engage in inquiry learning
• Communicate effectively with peers, experts and their teachers
• Personalize learning 
• Demonstrate their learning through media of their choice
• Express their ideas in public forums
• Access libraries of digital content that provide multiple pathways to learning
• Pursue real-world issues and topics of deep interest
• Attain digital citizenship
• Provide equitable learning opportunities, especially for students with special needs
• Explore and construct ideas, opinions, arguments and evidence-based reasoning 

There is also an opportunity to use these technologies – both personally and school-owned devices—to level the playing field for students with diverse learning needs.