Gwynne School

Grades: Kindergarten - Gr.8
115 Government Avenue
Gwynne, Alberta, T0C 1L0
Phone: 780-352-3029
Principal: Mr. Darren Demone


The heritage of the school reflects primarily a traditional agricultural community. The school population is composed of students from farms and acreage developments, students residing in the Hamlet of Gwynne, as well as students that are bussed from the Wetaskiwin area.

Our school enrollment currently includes 103 students in grades K through 8. Gwynne School has experienced an increase in enrollment over the past four years, largely due to the implementation of Kindergarten, Grade 8. The addition of students to our school from outside our attendance area is helping to maintain our overall student numbers.


Principal:  Mr. Darren Demone

Administrative Assistant:  Mrs. Wasserman