French Immersion Program

French Immersion

 Why French Immersion?

  • Designed for students whose family heritage is other than French. 
  • A second language program in which French is the language of instruction for a significant part of the school day.
  • Children with all types of academic ability can succeed in French Immersion, no special skills are required.
  • A program in which the desired outcomes for students are:
      * a high proficiency in the English language;
      * functional fluency in French;
      * a mastery of the skills and abilities identified in all subject areas.
  • All students follow the Program of Study set by Alberta Education.

Becoming Bilingual: Immersion students master French in the same way that they learned English. The process is so natural because French is used as the language of instruction and as a means of communication. This helps students quickly learn and achieve the French skills needed to study other subjects in French.  Every student can have the same opportunity and the advantage is that they all have the potential to become bilingual.

Offers an Edge
Thousands of businesses in Canada operate in more than one language and the numbers are growing. In today’s global economy, those who are bilingual can choose from a wider range of national and international jobs that require employees with second-language skills and cultural sensitivity. The Government of Canada alone has about 67,000 bilingual jobs. Immersion graduates have more options than other students because they may choose to study or work in both official languages.
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WRPS French Immersion

French Immersion is offered at the following Wetaskiwin Regional Public Schools