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IT Self Help

Self Help

When using technology it is inevitable that one is going to need help. A lot of valuable time can be wasted trying to search online or find someone that can help meet your technological needs. That being said, We decided to create a list that will help teachers and students become "their" own tech. These sites focus on all aspects of technology (OS, hardware, software, etc) and should help that person find what they are looking for and save them that valuable time.

  • How to submit a IT Department Help Desk Ticket - This article explains how to submit a IT Department Help desk ticket to receive technology assistance.
  • How to Connect to Remote Assistance in Windows 7 - Remote Assistance is a feature of the Help and Support System in which you allow another user take over your computer via the Internet and figure out your problem for you.
  • How to Connect your Personal Device to WRPS Wi-Fi Network - This article explains how to setup a Wi-Fi connection to the WRPS wireless network.
  • How to fix Wi-Fi - This article explains how to close your web browser apps and then reset your network settings in order to fix a Wi-Fi connection.
  • How to setup Google Hangouts - There are many different ways to start a group conversation using video calls and chats. With G Suite, you can hold a video call with up to 25 participants at once (the 10 most active participants are shown at the bottom of the screen), or you can start a Hangouts chat with up to 150 people.