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Student Counselling

Wetaskiwin Regional Public Schools provides Counselling Services to:

  • Encourage positive student transitions through life changes and developmental milestones 
  • Support students in developing positive interpersonal relationships and citizenship
  • Assist students who are struggling with challenging issues in their lives

Schools support student transitions and development through developmental guidance & career counselling.  Developmental guidance occurs in the classroom setting or through group activities that teach and build relationship skills and capacities that are developmentally necessary to deal with the social world around us.  This involves not just skill development but successful transitioning through the life stages and changes.

Schools support students in developing positive interpersonal relationships promote positive interpersonal relationships and citizenship through school wide programs.  Each school has a school wide program or model that teaches and ensures a positive school climate. Through planned programming, all students are taught the code of behavior that is expected and are engaged in discussions that assist them in developing and performing these behaviors.   Examples of such programming are:

For more information read the WRPS Counselling Services Brochure

40 Developmental Assets
Effective Behavior Supports (EBS)
Safe and Caring Schools
UNESCO Programming

Responsive Counselling

Counsellors assist students who are struggling with challenging issues in their lives by offering  responsive counselling services.  Every student has the right to be supported by a trained professional in the school setting to address immediate personal/emotional needs and concerns of a confidential nature. This might help to resolve difficulties in relationships or normal developmental tasks; or crisis counselling and short-term interventions to help deal with situations that occur suddenly and exhaust normal coping capacity.  Although it is usually best for parents to be aware and supportive of their child's progress in the counselling process, the counselling relationship is regarded as confidential.

Responsive Counselling services are provided by professionals who have appropriate training and expertise.  These professional are Guidance Counsellors and Family School Liaisons (FSLs).