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WRPS STEAM Opportunites

In 2018/2019, Angela Dearing our Educational Technologist will be visiting grade 6 classes to assist teachers in providing a STEAM camp!  3 exciting days where teachers and students learn to use computational and design thinking in a project based approach.   Equipment used for this camp includes:  


Grade 2/3 teachers are participating in a workshop in January 2019 to also develop some STEAM lessons and learn about computational and design thinking for their classrooms.  After this Professional Development, teachers will be able to borrow the 2/3 STEAM equipment for their classrooms.  Grade 2/3 STEAM equipment includes, cubettos, ozobots, make do's, and more great coding activities to create STEAM Center learning opportunities.


Kindergarten and grade 1 teachers can borrow Bee Bots to bring coding simple floor robots into their classrooms.  Bee Bots can work with any subject area and are a fun way to introduce coding and computational thinking.


We will continue to build our library of STEAM resources as outlined in our Ed Tech Strategic Plan strategy:

Ed Tech Teachers will support classroom teachers with integrating coding and computational thinking into their classrooms.