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School-At-Home-Learning - September 18, 2020 Update

As of today, there are 474 students with School-At-Home-Learning. Teachers are prepared and will begin delivering the program September 21. 

The following highlights address feedback received from families.


  • July 21 - Minister of Education announced return to school in Scenario 1.
  • August 14 - Publication of WRPS School Re-Entry Plan on Division website.
  • September 2 -  Date for families to declare their intentions for School-At-Home-Learning with their school principal. 
  • September 2 - Alberta Education funding announcement. 
  • September 11 - Online survey link emailed to parents that would assist teachers in preliminary planning.
  • September 14-18 - Teachers initiated individual parent contacts.
  • September 21 onwards - Teachers will continue contacting families.

Program Development

It has been challenging to develop a plan for School-At-Home-Learning. WRPS does not have sufficient resources to completely staff and create a new program. After September 2, eight teachers were assigned to School-At-Home-Learning using the information provided by families to principals. Since then they have been working tremendously hard to be ready.

When classes were cancelled in March 2020, WRPS implemented measures to get through the initial cancellation of in-school classes. Everyone did their best, but some common concerns emerged related to:

  • Scheduling virtual classes. 
  • Unreliable internet service and technology issues. 
  • Challenges exchanging paper lesson packages. 
  • Varying student workloads.
  • Inconsistent student learning support.

Frankly, schools were unprepared for the cancellation of classes. The emerging concerns are not surprising. 

In August, Edmonton Public Schools shared curriculum resources with WRPS to support the delivery of School-At-Home-Learning. An important aspect is the pace of weekly learning expectations. With this information, teachers can support students to cover all of the necessary lessons over the course of the year. It also supports transitions during the year for students returning to school at WRPS established re-entry points.

For some students, it will be difficult to follow the weekly learning plan teachers have prepared. Additional staff and strategies are being developed to provide support.

Teachers are excited to get started with students and their families. While it may seem like a slow start, a lot of work has been completed on short notice to ensure students have a successful school year.